Pashinyan: The new process born in Armenia will spread worldwide

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said that "a new system of governance is shaping out in Armenia, that of direct democracy”.

“What has happened in Armenia? Something very simple: Armenian citizens, the people of Armenia regained their self-confidence. That is the key change.


No matter who is government and who is opposition - people are the only source of power in the Republic of Armenia and there is no exaggeration in it.


I have met with representatives of the France-Armenia Friendship Group earlier today and told them that a new governance system is shaping out in Armenia, that of direct democracy. The way I expressed my thoughts might give way to misinterpretation, so I want to clarify what I mean: the citizens of Armenia should have greater participation in decision-making, specifically by means of referendums.


I think a new process started in Armenia, which will spread worldwide. I want to believe that Armenians and Armenia have assumed a role of global importance and I think the Armenian people have the potential, the history and the skill to play a part in creating new systems around the world,” Pashinyan said at the meeting with France-Armenia Friendship Group in Paris on September 13.


“The velvet revolution happened with active participation of not only Armenian citizens, but the diaspora as well. What do I mean by participation? Namely, that your clear-cut position and positive stance were the most powerful factor that could change the political situation in Armenia. I do believe that the Armenian people have shouldered a new role, and that new role is first of all to create a free and happy homeland. I can guarantee that today all people are equal before the law in Armenia. Being or having more and less in the country is the cornerstone on which our new reality is to be built,” said Pashinyan. 


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