Police use special means against protesters in Yerevan

Photo: PAN Photo (archive photo)

Yerevan/Mediamax/. At 15.30 today, the Armenian police have applied special means against the protesters gathered in the opening of Baghramyan Avenue.

In particular, the police forces used sound cannons.


The reports about the use of tear gas by the police have not been confirmed.


The police have closed off Baghramyan Avenue with barbed wire, but the protesters still have tried to move past it.


Earlier, the police have issued the following statement:


“The Armenian Police have received a number of complaints from separate organizations, including educational and medical institutions about the fact that the actions of the participants of the assembly have significantly hindered their daily activities since morning today.


The participants continue to restrict hundreds of citizens’ constitutional right to free movement. This situation has led to violation of other people’s basic rights and public interests.


The Armenian Police remind that according to Article 33 of Armenia’s Law on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, the Police have the right to use force to terminate the assembly if they find no other way to stop the disproportionate restriction of citizens’ basic rights or public interests.


The Armenian Police call on the organizer of the assembly Nikol Pashinyan to comply unconditionally with the responsibilities of the assembly organizer provided for by Armenia’s Law on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and, particularly, terminate the blockage of the streets and provide the normal course of the assembly,” the statement reads.


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