29 lawsuits instituted against media after the decriminalization of defamation and insult

Ashot Melikyan
Ashot Melikyan

Photo: PanArmenian Photo

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Expression, Ashot Melikyan, said today that 29 lawsuits have been instituted against media outlets after the decriminalization of defamation and insult.

During today’s meeting with the journalists, Ashot Melikyan said that 11 lawsuits were instituted against media outlets only in the last quarter, Mediamax reports.

According to him, the lawsuits are instituted mainly by political figures and taking this into consideration it can be said that “this is a political pressure on media.”

According to Melikyan, the draft law on decriminalization of defamation and insult should be revised.


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