First Meeting of “We Are Our Mountains” Agency takes place in Artsakh -


First Meeting of “We Are Our Mountains” Agency takes place in Artsakh

Photo: IDeA

Yerevan /Mediamax/. On October 28-30, the first strategic session of the regional development agency "We are our mountains” was held in Stepanakert, which was attended by more than sixty specialists of various fields from Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora.

The event was organized on the initiative of public and political figure Ruben Vardanyan and with the support of Artsakh government.


The purpose of the session was to discuss and outline the priority issues in the spheres of strategic security, demography, education, economy, healthcare, social maintenance and national identity for Artsakh and the possibilities of implementing programs and initiatives aimed at resolving them.


“I have been here for two months and, every time I analyze the situation, I understand that the people who live here are also heroes, because they prove with their daily lives that their homeland is important to them, that they see their future in Artsakh. To take part in this gathering is to outline Artsakh’s development and security strategy, to preserve the cultural and economic environment, where the people of Artsakh will feel successful and see a long-term future for themselves and their children,” said Ruben Vardanyan.


Artsakh’s State Minister Artak Beglaryan expressed confidence that the work of the strategic session will contribute to the solution of vital problems for Artsakh.


“Quite a respectable group is represented here, including people who are in Artsakh for the first time. You have supported the motherland for a long time, and now, this is a chance for us to work together in a different format, for a longer-term, and in a more consistent way to understand how we can use our potential to save and strengthen our motherland,” said Artak Beglaryan.


The results and ideas of the three-day discussions will be summarized and presented to the best specialists in specific fields to examine and turn them into practical programs.


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