Nikol Pashinyan comments on Karabakh issue -


Nikol Pashinyan comments on Karabakh issue

Photo: Press service of the Armenian government

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has made several statements on the NK conflict settlement at the press conference and the meeting with Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan during his visit to Artsakh on May 9.

On reciprocal concessions


We cannot be talking about concessions while the Azerbaijani leadership makes statements about seizing Yerevan and Zangezur. We can talk about concessions only when we receive a concrete message from Azerbaijan that the official Baku is ready to recognize the right of Artsakh people for self-determination.


On the format of negotiations


We consider it very important to carry on the negotiations on the Karabakh conflict settlement, which recognize the right of Artsakh people for self-determination. I have stated I am ready to negotiate with the President of Azerbaijan within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group, but I also believe that this format of negotiations cannot be considered comprehensive until a full party to the conflict, the Artsakh leadership, joins the talks.


One of the reasons that the negotiations have failed to lead to the desired outcome so far is that it is difficult to imagine any incomplete talks bringing results.

On stereotypes


We should not be guided by stereotypes while negotiating. We need to understand that the goal is not the negotiation itself, but the solution to the problem.


We have to find efficient methods to resolve the issue. One of the most important components of the solution is the correct format for the talks: the Republic of Artsakh must be a full member of the negotiations. 


I am ready to hold comprehensive talks on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, but the Republic of Artsakh must be represented in the negotiations by its own authorities, in the face of the President of Artsakh.


On international recognition of Artsakh Republic


We have to make efforts, including involvement of Diaspora’s potential, to not just continue the work of international recognition of Artsakh Republic, but to give it impetus as well.


Without a doubt, the Armenian Government will do everything possible to protect the interests of the Republic and the people of Artsakh, in the global arena as well. At the same time, I believe the Artsakh leadership is the actor that can protect the interests of the Republic and the people of Artsakh in the global arena the best. Therefore, we should work towards swift international recognition of the Republic and the leadership of Artsakh.


On Azerbaijan’s rhetoric 


I think it is time for the opposition of the international community against Azerbaijan’s military statements to become more public and practically applied.


Azerbaijan and the international community have to register that neither Armenia nor Artsakh will be intimidated by Azerbaijan’s warlike language, especially now, when the Armenian people are as united as ever.


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