New video reveals Azeri gun posts near Alkhanlu village

Photo: Photolure

Yerevan/Mediamax/. NKR Defense Army posted a video today that shows self-propelled guns in the area adjacent to Alkhanlu settlement.

The Army stressed again they did not target civil population or objects.

“But when the rival fires at Artsakh positions, using their own people as a human shield, the gun posts in populated areas will be silenced as well,” the Army stated.

The Defense Army also touched upon the visit that the military attachés and international press, accredited in Azerbaijan, paid to Alkhanlu on July 6. Noting that the visitors were allegedly provided with “indisputable” evidence of the lack of military staff there, the Artsakh Army remarked that the policy of deceiving the international community is nothing new in Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan organized a similar visit after the military actions of April 2016 as well, taking the attachés and journalists to Jojuk Marjanlu and showing them the “glorious” success of Azerbaijani Army that “liberated” the region. As a matter of fact, Jojuk Marjanlu has been under Azerbaijan’s control since January 1994,” the Defense Army stated.


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