Iran gives a tough response to Erdogan’s remarks -


Iran gives a tough response to Erdogan’s remarks


Yerevan /Mediamax. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has responded on Twitter to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement on “the separation of South Azerbaijan and North Azerbaijan”, which he made during a military parade in Baku on December 10.


“President Erdogan was not informed that what he ill-recited in Baku refers to the forcible separation of areas north of Aras from Iranian motherland.


Didn’t he realize that he was undermining the sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan? NO ONE can talk about OUR beloved Azerbaijan,” wrote Zarif.


Mediamax has contacted Iranian studies expert Vardan Voskanyan for comments.


“During the parade, the Turkish President recited an excerpt from Bakhtyiar Vahabzadeh’s poem about River Araks, which was perceived by the Iranian side as a clear message.


The pan-Turkic program includes the concept of the so-called “South Azerbaijan”, which implies that the two Azerbaijans divided by Araks should unite. The Iranian side perceives Erdogan’s speech as ambitions toward the northern regions of Iran, Atrpatakan,” said the expert.


According to him, such a harsh response from the Iranian Foreign Minister is natural, as Atrpatakan is a vital area for Iranians.


“It is also a very important area in the context of Armenia-Iran relations,” Voskanyan said, adding that Erdogan targeted not only Armenia but also Iran in his speech yesterday.


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