Armenia can’t estimate the date of visa liberalization with EU yet -


Armenia can’t estimate the date of visa liberalization with EU yet

Photo: MFA

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Avet Adonts has announced that the Foreign Ministry formed an inter-department delegation, headed by Deputy Chief of Police Hovhannes Kocharyan, which is tasked with facilitating the visa liberalization dialogue with EU member states.

“The delegation includes officials from different state bodies. It will make targeted visits to EU member states, aimed at bringing closer the start of negotiations,” Avet Adonts has said in the interview to “Hayastani Hanrapetutyun” newspaper.


The delegation has traveled to Germany and Austria so far. Next, it will pay visits to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Scandinavian countries.


“I cannot estimate any certain date now for visa liberalization with the European Union, because the talks have yet to start, and we need the agreement of all 28 EU states for that,” said the Deputy Foreign Minister.


At the same time, he underlined that “if we want to have free entry to any European country, we need to be law-abiding and not violate the return dates of our trips”.


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