Lavrov: Armenia doesn’t need to fear Russian-Turkish rapprochement -


Lavrov: Armenia doesn’t need to fear Russian-Turkish rapprochement


Yerevan/Mediamax/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Armenia does not need to fear Russian-Turkish rapprochement.

Lavrov stated this in an interview to Regional Post – Caucasus with the text available on Russian MFA official web page. 


Answering to the question on whether Armenia needs to fear Russian-Turkish rapprochement, Russian MFA said:


“Normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey should not be viewed as a process, which can cause damages to other states. Russia does not have hidden agenda. We do not build political and economic alliances, directed against third world countries or someone’s interests. We are convinced, that getting Russian-Turkish relations out of many months long crisis will increase trust and mutual understanding in the region. We are hopeful that stage-by-stage reconciliation of bilateral cooperation with Ankara will be in favor of the world, security and stability in Transcaucasia.”


“Of course, we would only welcome the opening of the Armenian-Turkish part of the EEU external border for free transportation of people, goods and services, which would benefit the whole region.


Russia played an important role in thawing relations between Armenia and Turkey in the active stage of the process in 2007-2009. Owing to the joint efforts from Yerevan and Ankara, Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations and Protocol on Development of Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey were signed on October 10, 2009, Zurich . Unfortunately, the process slowed down further and has stopped by now. Nevertheless, it is principally important that the sides demonstrate the ability to agree and take serious and responsible decisions. I am convinced that Armenia and Turkey are able to regulate current issues. And besides, a lot depends on the sides themselves. Thus, the perfection of a politician is not only defined by the depth of realistic analysis of substantial difficulties, but also by the ability to be optimistic to bring the hopes and wishes of citizens to reality. When Yerevan and Ankara return to the negations table, Russia is committed to support them actively,” Lavrov stated.


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