“Heritage”: Frauds cast a shadow on the legitimacy of elections

Photo: PanArmenian Photo

Photo: PanArmenian Photo

Yerevan/Mediamax/. “Heritage” party gave its preliminary assessment to the Armenian parliamentary elections today.

“The Armenian parliamentary elections held on May 6 were marred with numerous frauds.

Pre-election bribery and false charity reached tremendous sizes and for the first time in Armenia’s history they exerted an unprecedented impact on the outcome of the elections.

Such types of frauds as temporary registration in Yerevan apartments of voters transferred from marzes massively – often without informing the owners of the apartments – were widely spread. As a result, the elections of candidates nominated under the majority system in Yerevan election districts were affected by people who don’t live in those regions.

Though the election process at the election districts including ballot counting and ensuring relatively equal conditions on TV during the election campaign may be regarded as progress as compared to the previous elections, the above mentioned mass violations taken place outside the election districts cast a shadow on the legitimacy of elections”, the “Heritage” statement reads.


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