Armenia applies to Russia for help -


Armenia applies to Russia for help

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Secretary of the Armenian Security Council Armen Grigoryan stated today that the Azerbaijan side attacked Armenia’s sovereign territory and therefore Armenia applies to Russia calling it to defend Armenia’s territorial integrity within the framework of the 1997 agreement signed between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation.

“We have applied orally which will get a written form as well. We want to inform the public and our partners about launching such process. We expect that Russia will provide assistance and we will have an opportunity to restore Armenia’s territorial integrity,” Grigoryan said in an interview to the Public TV.


He said that if the crisis is not resolved through negotiations, it is expected that Russia will provide enough military assistance to Armenia for it to resolve the created situation.


Grigoryan also said that Azerbaijan tried to use its armed forces that have entered Armenia’s sovereign territory since May 12, but today’s aggravation is agreed with the use of armored vehicles and additional forces by Azerbaijan.


The Secretary of the Security Council said preparatory works are underway to apply to the CSTO as well.


“We have applied to the CSTO in May to resolve the crisis. Not enough efforts have been made to settled the issue but we will keep on working, As far as Armenia presides in the CSTO currently, we will take additional steps to activate the toolkit envisaged within the framework of the CSTO agreement,” he said.


Grigoryan said that Armenia first considers that it is possible to solve the crisis through Russia and the CSTO structures, “but if we cannon solve it through the existing regulations, we will be forced to apply to other structures.”


“Recently, not receiving its desired corridor, Azerbaijan started to torpedo the whole negotiation process even in the direction of unblocking. In general, Azerbaijan is trying to completely destabilize the peace process and create instability in the region,” he said.


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