Aram Atesyan: Bundestag’s decision causes us deep regret

Archbishop Aram Atesyan and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Archbishop Aram Atesyan and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Photo: http://www.agos.com.tr/

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Archbishop Aram Atesyan, General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch in Turkey, sent a letter to President Erdogan regarding the Armenian Genocide resolution approval by Bundestag.

Istanbul daily Agos reports that Archbishop Aram Atesyan stated in his letter that the passing of the resolution was “abuse of Armenian nation by imperialist forces” and submitted regret of the Armenian Patriarch and nation.

“Dear Mr. President,
The decision that Bundestag made about the events happened during the tragic times of World War I caused regret in our nation. As the Turkish Armenians society, we submit our regret to your dignified office as an expression of our heartfelt and sincere feelings. In this regard, it is unacceptable that a parliament, which was formed by the votes of German citizens and has the duty of establishing laws for the peace, prosperity and security of their nation, expressed its opinion, though it has no right to do so. It is unacceptable that this parliament legalized its decision on behalf of the entire German nation and considers itself a judge,” states the letter of General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch in Turkey.

Archbishop Aram Atesyan considered it questionable to what extent the decision expresses the opinion and feelings of German citizens.

“As we stated on number of occasions, using this tragedy that traumatized the Armenian nation in international politics causes sorrow and pain. This resolution and similar resolutions hit us hard. Unfortunately, this historical pain of Armenian nation is considered as a tool for accusing and punishing Turkish state and nation. And because of this ugly mentality, sub- and supra-identities of Turkish Armenians are harmed. The ones who are willing to see the truth can realize how Armenian nation has been abused by imperialist powers,” continues Archbishop Aram Atesyan.

According to him, “instead of politicizing the history, the aim should be the fellowship and peace, as the two neighboring peoples have common history and similar traditions”.


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