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Missak Manouchian and Kamil Zeynalli, love and cannibals

Missak Manouchian and Kamil Zeynalli, love and cannibals

President Aliyev,

On February 21, in the early hours, “fitness trainer” Kamil Zeinalli, wanted internationally by Armenia and accused of war crimes, was detained in Moscow. I believe that, thanks to your efforts, the Russian side “demonstrated humanity” and that same evening released a person accused of the gravest crimes.

On the evening of February 21, the remains of the hero of the Resistance Movement Missak Manouchian and his spouse Mélinée Manouchian were laid to rest in the Pantheon of France’s greatest figures.

Missak was 9 years old when he lost both his parents during the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Moving to France in 1925, Missak joined the French Resistance during World War II. In 1943, the group he led carried out over 30 operations against the Nazis. They killed the commander of Paris garrison General von Schaumburg, who bore direct responsibility for the mass executions. In November 1943, the Germans arrested Missak and on February 21, 1944 executed him along with 21 members of his group.

On February 21, 2024, Missak Manouchian was laid to rest alongside Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile Zola, Alexandre Dumas.

I am sure that you will exert all efforts to ensure that Kamil Zeinalli appears next to Ramil Safarov, who killed a sleeping Armenian officer with an axe and was subsequently extradited to Azerbaijan with your vigorous efforts, as well as next to the “officer” who beheaded Kyaram Sloyan in 2016, whom you personally honored.

President Aliyev,

Emmanuel Macron’s speech dedicated to Missak Manouchian and his spouse at the Pantheon on February 21 was about love and freedom. Have you noticed that you never talk about love in your speeches? I know that you “don’t like” Macron and France lately. I also know that today Azerbaijan can act without considering the viewpoints of France or even the United States. Russian expert Kirill Krivosheev, who recently visited your country, believes that unlike Vladimir Putin, you are “not so detached from reality”. If this is true, consider this – truly powerful are the countries that honor Missak Manouchians and not Kamil Zeynallis. While you may be acknowledged for your oil and gas resources today, nothing can compensate the absence of love.

Ara Tadevosyan is the Director of Mediamax.


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