Armen Orujyan: You learn more from defeat -


Armen Orujyan: You learn more from defeat

Photo: Mediamax

Armen Orujyan, the Founding CEO of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) and Ara Tadevosyan, the Director of Mediamax, talked about the 7-year history of FAST and the different realities of 2017 and 2024.



Topics of the interview


00:31 -  Intro

00:50 – FAST’s vision from 2017 to 2041

03:00 – Scenarios considered in 2017

07:55 – The necessary investments to appear in the group of AI leaders

13:30 – The importance of culture change

15:20 – The principle of talking less and listening more

18:05 – FAST was born “thanks” to the April war

22:55 – You learn more from defeat than from victory

25:00 – FAST is not a magic wand

33:00 – Endpoint must be defined

34:45 – The dynamics of Diaspora sentiments and the absence of systemic approach

43:00 – Comparing painkiller and antibiotic in 2017 and today

46:00 – After 10 years, 5 thousand professionals will come to the market


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