Ruben Vardanyan: We are trying to find the right path for Aurora

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Yerevan/Mediamax/. Co-founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Ruben Vardanyan has noted that the two years of activity showed the initiative has rich content that can be used more extensively.

He has made that remark in the interview with Armenia TV Channel. The full interview is available online.

According to Ruben Vardanyan, the initiative finds better ways to move forward though assessment of failed and successful efforts.

“We realized that organizing one big event was not right. We need to hold several events in different countries. We tread carefully, because some people don’t accept the format and level of our initiative. Some ask why Aurora is “not Armenian enough” and others ask why it is “too Armenian”. We are trying to maintain a balance and find the right path that will allow us to advance the initiative, so that people will talk about the content, not the form,” explained Ruben Vardanyan.

For that reason, they decided to hold Aurora Dialogues not only in Yerevan, but also other cities, countries. The first event took place in December 2017, Berlin and was titled "Millions on the Move: Need for Development and Integration”.

“The issue of migration is very important for Germany. People there are concerned about what is going on in Germany and Europe, and they were surprised to see that Armenians want to have a discussion on the topic. We had a long conversation about various, difficult issues.”

Ruben Vardanyan considers the Aurora Humanitarian Index to be the most important achievement of the initiative. The survey shows the international public’s attitude to humanitarian issues.

However, Vardanyan has noted that the key part of Aurora’s mission has only begun:

“Let us not forget that Aurora Prize Laureates donate the prize money to organizations that allocate it further to humanitarian projects. Such projects have already been implemented in 14 countries. That is very important.”

When asked if the initiative would invite another star like George Clooney to draw the attention of international media, Ruben Vardanyan has noted he appreciates o the contribution that George and Amal Clooney have in the initiative, but the goal is to focus on Aurora Prize heroes.

“On one hand, it is so important that George joined our initiative and took part in the ceremony, but sometimes the press care more about George Clooney the actor and what he does and says, rather than the purpose and content of the event. We need the attention of the media and the public to be directed at our heroes. I hope that George and people like him will continue working with us, but we have to try to understand better what drives people like Tom Catena and Marguerite Barankitse, who risk their lives and do extraordinary things that are very important for the world,” said Vardanyan.


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