Ruben Vardanyan: Aurora’s expansion poses new demands

Ruben Vardanyan
Ruben Vardanyan

Photo: Aurora

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Co-founder of Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Ruben Vardanyan said that "Aurora is getting international involvement.”

Aurora’s expansion poses new demands and changes, Vardanyan said in an interview to Armenia TV.

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“We started our work not from the prize itself, but from collecting stories of those saved and their saviors,” Ruben Vardanyan recalled. He noted that despite the fact that Aurora is an annual prize, it still doesn’t imply “competition” aspect, when you have winners or losers.

“At the very beginning we were concerned about the possibility of getting all stories over the past 30 years with repetition during the next year, or having nominees from the same region. However, we see a growing number of stories and heroes year by year. We receive stories about people, who we know nothing about and who we have never met before. The number of countries is also increasing. This year we have unique 509 nominees from 115 countries, and those are fantastic numbers,” Ruben Vardanyan said.

Ruben Vardanyan also spoke about the Aurora Prize Selection Committee, which was joined by Samantha Power, Lord Ara Darzi and Bernard Kouchner in 2017.

“Our committee definitely has an unprecedented composition. It is our pleasure that so many renowned people are joining this humanitarian initiative,” he concluded.


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