Arsineh Khanjian: Armenia needs immediate changes -


Arsineh Khanjian: Armenia needs immediate changes

Photo: Press service of the Armenian government

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Serj Tankian, vocalist of System of a Down rock group and civic activist, said today that Armenian diaspora should be aware of the developments in Armenia.

He stated this this during the discussions on the further steps of Justice within Armenia initiative.


Serj Tankian, Arsineh Khanjian, Armenian Canadian actress and producer, film maker Atom Egoyan and other prominent figure initiated in September Justice within Armenia movement, aimed at promoting democratic changes in Armenia.


“Drawing Armenian diaspora’s attention to the developments in Armenia is our greatest challenge now. We should do everything possible to keep the youth within Armenia,” Serj Tankian said.


To the question on whether a new concert is possible with calls for consolidation, Serj Tankian answered: “Everything is possible. We should do something; inspiration is necessary.”


The musician announced that he will come to Armenia in April, 2017 to observe parliamentary elections.


Arsineh Khanjian said that “The developments in Armenia become more concerning year by year, and Diaspora thereby started reconsidering its attitude towards Armenia.”


“The April war made us reconsider our attitude towards Armenia, as Armenia’s present is now protected at cost of lives of those young people on the border,” Arsineh Khanjian said.


According to her, Armenia needs immediate changes, which implies first of all active involvement in the election process.


“We initiated observation mission, aimed at attracting Armenian diaspora to political developments in Armenia,” she remarked.


Atom Egoyan noted that “Armenians should understand the importance of their vote”.


“This is a turning point, so we must take these events very seriously,” the film maker said.


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