Calls for violence unacceptable to Lydian Armenia -


Calls for violence unacceptable to Lydian Armenia

Hayk Aloyan
Hayk Aloyan

Photo: Lydian Armenia

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Lydian Armenia commented on the allegations that it aims to “silence” civil society representatives.

“In Lydian Armenia we strongly believe in the importance of genuine engagement and dialogue.

We believe that we have gained trust and genuine support of many renowned Armenian environmental experts, institutions, NGOs. We recognize that there are groups or individuals who still have concerns and we respect their right to raise those concerns. In the recent years we have witnessed consistent dissemination of scientifically unfounded claims, statements that are not backed by any research, myths and distorted facts continuously appearing in public domain regarding Amulsar project. We have continuously tried to respond to defamatory claims by providing facts publicly, out of the legal field and that is out intention in the future”, Lydian Armenia Managing Director Hayk Aloyan told Mediamax.


He mentioned that recent activities in public domain force the Company to apply to police. 


“Several individuals have put threats and calls for violence against the company and its employees in pubic domain. These included calls to publish the names and photos of all company employees, identify their family members and pursue “violent solutions”. The threats also extended to the children of the company employees. These, regrettably, were either put forward or backed by individuals claiming to represent civil society. As an international company we are required to take actions to prevent violence. We have applied to the police and we hope that the case is investigated. 


We consider that the role of the civil society does not imply threats and calls for violence towards children and family members or any other individuals”, Hayk Aloyan told Mediamax.


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