“Sasna Tsrer” calls for arrest of all members of Armenia’s “old regime”

Photo: PAN Photo (archive photo)

Yerevan /Mediamax/. The group that initiated formation of "Sasna Tsrer” political party urges the Armenian authorities to "dispose of the limits of defending the false Constitution and laws that have become a threat to the rule of the people and Armenian statehood”.

They have also called upon Armenian Prime Minister to undertake several actions they consider important, such as:

“Based on the popular mandate, outline the scope of former regime as criminal organization, and start criminal prosecution against all its members with their subsequent arrest;”

“Based on the mandate given by referendum or public support, form a new government with emergency powers from the revolutionary forces, which will also reserve the function of legislative body;”

“Dissolve current National Assembly by the will of the people;”

“Create a transitional judicial body that will act as a jury and operate based on the legal rule, while the law will be applied to the extent that is necessary for maintaining procedures and passing sentences;”

“Organize snap parliamentary elections;”

“We also state that in case state institutions fail or refuse to fulfill their duties, we are ready to assume authority in collaboration with all Armenian citizens under the leadership of Armenian Prime Minister and neutralize the threats to the statehood upon transitioning to direct democracy,” reads the “Sasna Tsrer” statement.


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