Congress-PPA alliance suggests moving elections to April 9

Photo: Photolure

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Congress-People’s Party of Armenia alliance campaign office made a statement, urging to move the date of the parliamentary elections from April 2 to April 9.

“On 21 January 2017, Armenian National Congress made a statement about the necessity to move the elections from April 2 to in between April 21 and 30, taking into consideration two circumstances: legal, which implies unconstitutionality, and moral, which implies alignment with the Day of Remembrance of April war victims.

As the elections date remained unchanged, the parliamentary faction of the Armenian National Congress organized a petition to apply to the Constitutional Court of Armenia. However, we were not able to collect the required number of signatures. On the other hand, the Armenian government considered it possible to move the elections “for several days”, in case the participating political powers reach consensus on that.

The first anniversary of Remembrance of the April war victims does not concern their families and friends solely. As it was one year ago, that day will be honoured nationwide.

Congress-PPA alliance calls on the participating parties and alliances to come to agreement and suggest the authorities to move the parliamentary elections from April 2 to April 9,” the alliance’s statement reads.


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