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Hovik Abrahamyan to continue “overcoming barriers”

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan stated today that he "fought agains political barriers throughout his entire political career, trying to build bridges of cooperation”.

He stated this at the end of the government session, when he announced his resignation.


“The government I headed was open to any dialogue and discussion of any sensible idea. We worked hard to establish a dialogue with all groups of the society,” he said.


According to him, honest and realistic attitudes towards them brought results, but “the public remained divided.”


“In my opinion, one of the main reasons was the current disagreements feeding on challenges in geopolitics, foreign economy and military sphere. They don’t allow us to unite our efforts and give urgent solutions to significant issues we face, which range from establishment of equal economic conditions to the fight against corruption,” Prime Minister said.


Hovik Abrahamyan stressed that Armenia still has transitional issues.


“We need common efforts of the Government and the public. For that, we need a new approach and a new start.


I never spoke about the state of affairs we had when I took on this position, and I never will. It is not my style. However, I will speak openly about the results of our joint efforts with the government,” Armenian PM said.


He mentioned installation of irrigation systems, regional integration projects with Iran and Georgia, membership in the Eurasian Economic Union, Old Yerevan project, achievements in mining industry, large American investments in Vorotan, adoption of the law “On State support for information technologies” , as well as around AMD 40 bln annual increase in salaries since 2014.


Hovik Abrahamyan stressed that “As an active participant of political life, I will continue my mission on overcoming barriers within the public”.


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