Artsakh MPs urge Russian peacekeepers to ensure stability on the line of contact -


Artsakh MPs urge Russian peacekeepers to ensure stability on the line of contact


Yerevan /Mediamax/. The factions of the Artsakh National Assembly – Free Motherland-UCA, United Motherland, Justice, ARF and Democratic Party of Artsakh – issued a statement today urging the Russian peacekeepers to take all necessary actions to ensure the stability on the line of contact.

The statement of the factions runs as follows:


“We consider the regular encroachments of Azerbaijan as a gross violation of ceasefire regime reached in November 2020, which is aimed to continue the policy of Armenophobia and raise panic in Artsakh. This behavior is not new to us. Azerbaijan has always pursued a policy of ethnic cleansing and displacement, consistently violating the vital interests and rights of the citizens of the Artsakh Republic.


Peaceful coexistence within Azerbaijan is excluded for Artsakh. Peace is the highest value, but there is no peace under the threat of force, with the continuous violation of human rights and dignity.


We call on the parliaments of different countries and all international organizations to strongly condemn the recent actions of Azerbaijan and take practical steps to prevent new crimes,” the statement runs.


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