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Tankian, Egoian, Khanjian and others urge the world to visit Artsakh

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Famous Diaspora public figures Serj Tankian, Arsinee Khanjian and Atom Egoyan addressed all people of arts worldwide, urging them to "visit Artsakh and become partners of peace and solidarity”.

The three activists stressed that “thousands of children and young people in Artsakh are deprived of the right to create, as the country remains blocked off and the ceasefire is fragile”.


“Instead of holding a pen or a brush, thousands of talented people have to carry weapons and leave for the front line to defend their home and motherland. Because of Azerbaijan’s attacks and the imposed war, these young people are deprived of their right to create in peace,” their call reads.


The public figures emphasized that talented people in Artsakh have only limited opportunities to open to the world.


“We urge all free-thinking people of arts to visit Artsakh, to establish communication and connection with local art people and creative, talented individuals, to help them get equal opportunities to reveal themselves globally and exercise their human right to create in peace and share their work with the world,” the Diaspora activists noted.


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