Stefan Fule to criticize Russia and state EU’s readiness to support the countries under Russian pressure -


Stefan Fule to criticize Russia and state EU’s readiness to support the countries under Russian pressure

Stefan Fule
Stefan Fule

Photo: PanArmenian Photo

Yerevan /Mediamax/. EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule will state today that the EU is ready to support and stand by the Eastern Partnership countries which are under Russia’s pressure.

Mediamax was told by well-informed sources that Stefan Fule is going to make a speech in the European Parliament and strongly criticize Russia for its pressure on some Eastern Partnership member states.


According to Mediamax’s source, the European Commissioner will particularly state that the development of the Eurasian Economic Union project must respect EU's partners' sovereign decisions. Stefan Fule is going to call any threats from Russia linked to the possible signing of agreements with the European Union “unacceptable”. 


The European Commissioner will particularly note that the tools of Russia’s pressure are as follows: the possible misuse of energy pricing, artificial trade obstacles such as import bans of dubious WTO compatibility and cumbersome customs procedures, military cooperation and security guarantees, the instrumentalisation of protracted conflicts. 


Stefan Fule intends to stress that such actions clearly breach the principles to which all European states have subscribed. 


The European Commissioner will also note that incompatibility of the Customs Union with the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area is conditioned no by ideological differences but due to legal impossibilities.


Stefan Fule will arrive in Yerevan to take part in the informal meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Eastern Partnership member states tomorrow.


Mediamax recalls that on July 10 Stefan Fule said in Yerevan that Armenia shouldn't face the choice of cooperation either with EU or Russia.


“We have never told our partners to stop or reduce cooperation with Russian partners. Vice versa, we clearly say that the commitments undertaken within Eastern Partnership can’t have a negative impact on the traditional ties with Russia. We state the same thing in Moscow as well”, said Stefan Fule. He also stressed that the EU “encourages to continue the cooperation with Russia which Armenia thinks important and within its interests”.


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