Armenia wants to reach “strategic partnership” level with the US -


Armenia wants to reach “strategic partnership” level with the US

Photo: Press service of Armenian Foreign Ministry

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ararat Mirzoyan expressed hope today that "the Armenia-US strategic dialogue will be enhanced to the level of a new Strategic Partnership Commission.”

Armenian Foreign Ministry reports that speaking at the Capstone meeting of the Armenia-US Strategic Dialogue, chaired by U.S. Assistant Secretary James O’Brien on the US side, the minister said:


“The strong commitment to democratic principles is at the very core of our partnership. Despite the fact that democracy is threatened globally, including in our region, despite the security challenges and emerging hybrid threats, the Government of Armenia is decisive to follow the democratic choice of its people, to strengthen the relevant state institutions to ensure the rule of law and strong protection for human rights. We also believe that our enhanced partnership, along with the continued U.S. support for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, holds the potential to contribute to the establishment of durable and dignified peace in the South Caucasus.”


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