Maria Zakharova: “We would like to understand Yerevan’s basic viewpoint” -


Maria Zakharova: “We would like to understand Yerevan’s basic viewpoint”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Spokesperson of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the Russian side “would like to understand Yerevan’s basic viewpoint.”

Zakharova said this at a briefing in Moscow, answering a question on why the right of peoples to self-determination, enshrined in both the UN Charter and the 1991 Alma-Ata Declaration, is actually ignored in the negotiation process.


Before answering the question, she clarified:


“Have you asked this well-formulated question with reference to the legal framework to the Armenian authorities?”


When the journalist replied that he did not have the opportunity to do that, Zakharova continued:


“Armenia’s authorities actively use social networks on any issue. Can you ask them this question? Because it requires, first of all, the formation of an official position in Yerevan. At a news conference on December 1 Sergey Lavrov put all the accents. There is nothing more to add. Therefore, we suggest asking this question to the Armenian authorities in order to understand the official position of the state on this matter.


In case of an official position, we will be able to discuss publicly, with the consideration of the nuances you mentioned. Without a unified position, formalized publicly in Yerevan, it is difficult to add something to the words of Sergey Lavrov. Recently, we have seen many interpretations, nuances, various readings of some things. We would like to understand the basic viewpoint of Yerevan on the indicated aspects, after this we will be able to comment in detail.”


On December 1 Sergey Lavrov stated:


“When they – Azerbaijani President and Prime Minister of Armenia – came to Sochi, they brought from Prague the document which said that they want to sign a peace treaty guided by the UN Charter and the Alma-Ata Declaration.


And the Alma-Ata Declaration on the establishment of the CIS clearly states that the borders between the new states will be based on the borders of the former union republics of the USSR, where the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast was definitely part of the Azerbaijan SSR. This was approved by Azerbaijan, Armenia, France and Mr. Michel without any reservations, and this determines how to approach the issue on the status of Karabakh,” Lavrov said.


“And when, by signing this, our Armenian partners tell us “let Russia confirm its proposals regarding the status of Karabakh,” well, you understand that it is not from the negotiation “opera”, but from another one,” the Russian minister stated.


Mediamax noted that today Armenian Prime Minister is expected to meet with the President of Russia in Bishkek.


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