Armenian ambassador “defends” John Bolton


Yerevan/Mediamax/. Financial Times has published the letter of Armenian Ambassador to India Armen Martirosyan, which tells about the meeting he had with current U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton back in 2005.

In the letter, Armen Martirosyan mentions Financial Times article of April 7, which calls Bolton “possibly Washington’s most aggressive hawk”.


“In 2005, as the then permanent representative of Armenia to the UN, I was a first-hand witness to then US ambassador Bolton’s aggressive campaign for an anti-Iranian resolution at the UN General Assembly. Armenia’s position on the Iran vote did not meet American expectations, so the US mission contacted us with an urgent request for an appointment with Mr Bolton.


It was abundantly clear that Mr Bolton was not ready to take no for an answer, and this peculiar situation called for unorthodox solutions. After a brief welcome, to my guest’s utter surprise I unveiled a map of Armenia and rolled it out over my desk. With this visual aid, I impressed on him the relevant regional complexities facing my country and thus justified our position on the resolution.


Before his departure, Mr Bolton accepted a sip of Winston Churchill’s favourite Armenian brandy, Ararat, as a seal of our new understanding.


My advice to all potential interlocutors is to treat Mr Bolton as a rational agent who is perfectly capable of engaging in constructive dialogue and adjusting positions based on new-found insights,” wrote Martirosyan. --0--



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