Higher Attestation Commission of Armenia toughens the order of awarding of academic degrees

Artyusha Ghukasian
Artyusha Ghukasian

Photo: Photolure

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Today, Acting Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Armenian Ministry of Culture, Artyusha Ghukasian, presented changes into the order of awarding of academic degrees, approved by the government.

Artyusha Ghukasian said that the HAC adopted a new order of approving scientific themes, new requirements for the formation of professional councils, and published the new list of scientific publications, Mediamax reports.

According to him, from now on only people with the degree of doctor having at least 5 articles published during last 5 years can take part in new professional councils.

The activity of 61 professional councils was suspended in 2010 due to expiration of terms. Now, 32 new councils have been set up according to new standards of the Commission. 

HAC Acting Chairman said that the changes aim to increase the transparency of Commission’s activity and toughen the order of awarding of academic degrees.

More detailed information is available at the Commission’s web site at www.boh.am.

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