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Davit Tonoyan: Pashinyan again targets Armed Forces


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Former Minister of Defense of Armenia Davit Tonoyan issued a statement that runs as follows:

“1. I am sorry that these days I am deprived of the opportunity to be useful to our Armed Forces. I bow to the parents of the servicemen who sacrificed their lives for their homeland and who held high the honor of the Armenian Army.


2. Just a few days before Azerbaijan unleashed military operation on September 13, speaking in Vladivostok, Nikol Pashinyan once again targeted the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, again trying to put all responsibility for the results of the war of 2020 on the military.


3. On September 14, when the fighting was still going on, speaking at the National Assembly about the “Arms and Military Equipment Development Program,” the prime minister once again proved having a “unique” approach to the implementation of his official duties. As for body armor and helmets, I have already referred to this issue in April 2022. Unlike some, I am not in the habit of repeating myself.


4. I emphasize once again that my decisions regarding the acquisition of weapons and military equipment, which I made within my authority, were correct. I have been illegally imprisoned for almost a year now for listing one of them - aviation missiles - for FREE, into the depot of the RA Armed Forces without making any concessions.


5. The “instruction” of the Prime Minister from the Far East about the public trial seems not to be accepted by the Anti-Corruption Court. Therefore, given that the trial is behind closed doors, I would suggest Nikol Pashinyan not to comment on this case.”


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