Thomas de Waal reads the testimony of Poghos Vardanian -


Thomas de Waal reads the testimony of Poghos Vardanian

Thomas de Waal
Thomas de Waal

Photo: From personal archive

Mediamax presents 100 Seconds project devoted to Armenian Genocide Centennial. The project is based on testimonies of Genocide survivors published by the National Archive of Armenia.


Thomas de Waal is a British journalist and writer.


For 100 seconds project he reads an extract from Armenian Genocide survivor Poghos Vardanian's testimony.



National Archives of Armenia

Collection of Documents


Testimony of survivor Poghos Vardanian on the deportation and massacre of Armenians of Karin


October 2, 1916, Karin


Night fell. It was very uncomfortable in the prison. The sweat was flowing down like water from everybody’s forehead. Some even took off their coats to wring them. Everybody wanted water. The gendarmes were bringing water from the Euphrates in tin kerosene pots and giving in to us through a hole in the lower part of the stable door, getting 1-2 kurush for each cup. But only those close to the door could make use of it. Those at the far end couldn’t drink. It was impossible to sleep and we were waiting for the dawn. The day hadn’t broken yet when the prisoners thundered the air with a church ceremony (reciting the hymn “Morning of Light”).


The day broke. Two soldiers searched me and took 138 kurush but didn’t find the 14 gold coins tied on my back. Then a gendarme said to me: “Hey, take off your shoes”. “I’ll be barefooted,” I said. “Put on mine,” he said. “Yours are old”, I said. “You won’t wear off even the old ones”, he said. When I heard this, I took off my shoes without any resistance and put on his old ones.


Producers: Ara Tadevosyan, Yulia Petrossian Boyle

Filming: Ross Goldberg

Post Production: Tumo LLC


The source of Poghos Vardanian's testimony: National Archives of Armenia, Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey, 1915, Testimony of survivors, Collection of documents, Yerevan-2013.


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