Arthur Abraham reads the testimony of Mihran Kaprichanian -


Arthur Abraham reads the testimony of Mihran Kaprichanian

Arthur Abraham
Arthur Abraham


Mediamax presents 100 Seconds project devoted to Armenian Genocide Centennial. The project is based on testimonies of Genocide survivors published by the National Archive of Armenia.


Arthur Abraham is a professional boxer residing in Berlin. He is the current WBO Super Middleweight Champion. Abraham is the former IBF Middleweight Champion from 2005 to 2009, making ten successful defences of his title, the fourth most in middleweight history.


For 100 seconds project Arthur Abraham reads an extract from Armenian Genocide survivor Mihran Kaprichanian's testimony.



National Archives of Armenia

Collection of Documents


Testimony of survivor Mihran Kaprichanian on the deportation and massacres of the Armenian population of the town of Kharberd





In August 1915, after the deportation, the authorities invaded the American hospital and despite the entreaties and wailing of Doctor Atkinson and his wife, took away all Armenian male patients and murdered them on the road. However, they didn’t touch the employees and the Armenian medical orderlies of the hospital saying they would eventually need them.


There was a case of self-defence only in the Armenian village of Morenik, which is half an hour away from Meziré. Twelve young men of the village hid in the church. The gendarmes learned about it and besieged the church. A fight started, two of the gendarmes were killed, one was wounded and was taken to the American hospital. Some of the young men were killed, the others were captured, taken to the prison and murdered there. The village and the church were set alight.


Producers: Ara Tadevosyan

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The source of Mihran Kaprichanian’s testimony: National Archives of Armenia, Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey, 1915, Testimony of survivors, Collection of documents, Yerevan-2013.


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