TV project for Armenia TV -

TV project for Armenia TV

During October-December 12 Mediamax produced the TV version of it’s “Yerevan: XX century” project for Armenia TV.

12 programs were produced and aired on Armenia TV every Sunday at 21:30 from October 7 to December 23.

The programs are available here.

“At first, we didn't aim to ensure a high rating for “Yerevan. 20th Century” but it turned out that both Mediamax and we were rewarded and the TV programs were not only quality ones but also registered rather high rating indices. I am very happy and glad that we implemented the project with Mediamax over a few months. It received only good reviews”, stated Armenia TV CEO David Babakhanyan.

“I think that the people liked the program and it aroused a lot of pleasant memories among Yerevan residents. Rather high rating of the program indicates that the society is ready to watch quality TV programs, we should just find the right way of their presentation”, said Mediamax Director Ara Tadevosyan.

Mediamax cooperated with TUMO Design company to produce the TV version.

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