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7 facts about Gueikian, Tankian, Iommy and “Deconstruction”

Photo: Gibson

Photo: Gibson

Our Mountains by Serj Tankian
Our Mountains by Serj Tankian

1.    BIG NEWS

Gibson Brands company announced about the launch of Gibson Band project.

Gibson Band released its first song “Deconstruction” co-authored by Cesar Gueikian, Serj Tankian and Tony Iommy.


Serj Tankian

System of a Down band’s vocalist.

Tony Iommy

Guitarist and founding member of Black Sabbath. He is considered one of the best guitarists in the world and the founder of heavy metal. In 1989, he participated in the Rock Aid Armenia project, the aim of which was to support Armenia affected by the Spitak earthquake.

Within the framework of the Armenia Grateful 2 Rock project initiated by the Mediamax media company and the Australian Do Something organization, he participated in the construction of the new building of Gyumri music school No. 6.

To raise funds for construction, in 2010 Tony Iommi and Deep Purple's Ian Gillan founded the supergroup WhoCares, joined by Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, Metallica ex-bassist Jason Newsted and Deep Purple ex-keyboardist Jon Lord.

Tony Iommi visited Armenia twice - in October 2009 and June 2019 - as part of the Armenia Grateful 2 Rock project.

In 2019, Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan participated in the gala dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Rock Aid Armenia in Yerevan.

Cesar Gueikian

President and CEO of Gibson Brands, an electric guitar manufacturer. He was confirmed in this position in July 2023.

Argentinean-Armenian Cesar Gueikian joined Gibson in 2018, merging his business background with his lifelong passion for music and guitars. He has been instrumental in the resurgence of Gibson, setting a successful new strategy centered around instruments and sound.

After the 2020 war, Cesar Gueikian supported Armenia Fund’s fundraising.

In summer 2023, commenting on Gueikian’s appointment, Tony Iommi said: “I can’t believe how Cesar has transformed Gibson from a brand on its way down and out to the success it is today. He went out of his way to meet with musicians and take note of what we were saying, gathering a great team around him. It’s now a company I’m proud to be associated with. Thank you, Cesar.”  
System of a Down singer Serj Tankian said: “Cesar is not only an amazing executive at Gibson, but a great artist in his own right and a good friend. He understands both the artistry and the business”.


In this footage Cesar Gueikian tells how “Deconstruction” song was born.

He said that the song started with a couple of riffs that he had written and tracked in the studio in Buenos Ayres.

“Once I created initial instrumental mix, I sent it to my dear friend Serj Tankian, who I consider a brother. I asked him if he was willing to listen to the song but stressing that as my brother if he did not like the song, please let me know that I still love him. He listened to the song and said that he loved it and he’ll write the lyrics and sing on it. Literally, 24 hours later I get a message from Serj with the stamps of his vocals.

Once I had Serj’s vocals, I mixed that and sent it to Tony Iommy. I asked him if he is willing to listen, as I call him my godfather and as a godfather if you do not like the song, please tell me, and I still love you. He wrote back to me, and said that “I actually do love the song and I love Serj and I love what he did with this song, so I am going to write the solo.” And he said give me a week, the next day I get a message from Tony with a solo stamp,” Cesar Gueikian said.

He noted that Gibson Band name was offered by Serj Tankian. The idea is that the project can be continuous and collaborate with other musicians in the future.

The cover artwork for the “Deconstruction” is based on an original work of art by Serj Tankian titled “Our Mountains”.

Our Mountains by Serj Tankian Our Mountains by Serj Tankian

The painting and the Gibson Les Paul guitar, on which an extract from “Our Mountains” is depicted, will be auctioned from December 8th to the 18th at this link:


5.    THE GOAL

All proceeds from the sale of “Deconstruction,” as well as the funds raised from an auction of Serj’s painting and a unique Les Paul guitar will be donated to Armenia Fund’s Artsakh Refugee Initiative.

Photo: Gibson

“We have been working on this project for a very long time. Serj and I are both diaspora Armenians therefore, we immediately decided we wanted “Deconstruction” to be dedicated to the Armenian community,” Cezar Gueikian said.

“"It was great to hook up with Serj again and also to do a track with Cesar (I think that he's trying to steal my job!! ) ha-ha!! The Armenian people are really lovely people, and it's a great pleasure, a great cause, and I'm very happy to be involved in it, ” Tony Iommy commented.

"We asked ourselves how to use this song to bring awareness to Armenia and the Armenian situation and raise funds for Armenia," Gueikian told Rolling Stone. "In addition to making music, Serj is an activist in service to Armenia, and Tony has ties to Armenia because many years ago, he was part of a group that funded a music school there. So the three of us have pledged any income the song makes to go to Armenia through the Armenia Fund."


Via the Corporación America Foundation, the Argentinian-Armenian Eurnekian family will double all the proceeds gathered.


“Deconstruction” is the second collaboration between Serj Tankian and Tony Iommi.

In 2000, the Black Sabbath guitarist released his first solo album - Iommi, the vocalist of the song “Patterns” is Serj Tankian.


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