People, Ideas, Vision -

People, Ideas, Vision

Mediamax offers traditional and new media services secured by fine-tuned internal synergy.

Mediamax News Agency, Mediamax Internet Holding, Mediamax Monitoring: this is the structure of our company today. Each division plays an important role and diversification allows Mediamax being flexible and timely reacting to the rapid changes in the market.

People,Ideas,Vision: this is not simply a slogan; this is also the practical style of our work. We have a careful approach to selecting people, who work with us. The basic principle: good specialists should also be good people. Ideas in our company are born not only within the leadership, but also in all the members of the team. Constant generation of new ideas is the main driving force of Mediamax. Implementation of those ideas allows us realizing our Vision: securing growth and development of our business, at that participating in programs, which are significant for Armenia. We do not try to change the world around us, but we are confident that we are able to make it a bit better.

We attach great importance to partnerships and believe that smart and brave companies should unite efforts to solve ambitious and long-term tasks. Partnership with us can become an honor for any company, since our contribution to partnership will always be honest and full-fledged.

Quality is the main ideology for Mediamax’s business. We are self-rigorous and are always ready to work to improve services. We entered the market in 1999, despite pessimistic forecasts by the majority of our colleagues. We have gone a long way, at that, avoiding steps we might regret. Everything we have achieved was reached due to hard work, willpower and patience.

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