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Izmirlyan Foundation presents key results of 2023 projects


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Izmirlyan Foundation presented the key results of the 2023 projects.

The strategic objective of the Izmirlian Foundation is to enhance sustainable development of Armenia by implementing diverse initiatives in the areas of education; healthcare; economic development; social welfare; humanitarian aid; innovation; and preservation of Armenian cultural heritage, to achieve its mission of “helping to preserve a nation”


Numerous short and long-term benefits are extended to beneficiaries through projects implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation. These include improved health, knowledge and skills, improved healthcare management system, community infrastructure, access to quality education, support to vulnerable population and children with special needs, agriculture development, and more.


In total, several hundreds of thousands of persons in need have directly benefited from the projects implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation since launching its operations in Armenia. In 2023 alone, 3,471 persons directly benefitted (around 13,884 indirect beneficiaries) from 14 IF projects implemented in the regions of Armenia. The key results and achievements of IF financed projects for 2023 in education, health, social welfare, and other areas include the following:


Health Sector


The Izmirlian Foundation provided health benefits to 27 Syrian/Lebanese/Iraqi Armenians who refuged in Armenia because of crisis in their respective countries.


80 wounded soldiers and officers received free health care services.


In addition, 167 displaced people from Artsakh received free health care services.


Six children diagnosed with cancer from vulnerable families received appropriate treatment.


Healthcare Electronic Management system was installed in the IMC and 121 IMC staff benefited from trainings in the use of ICT tools and practices.


Education & Innovation


Improved education among 733 students of bordering and remote communities of Armenia through educational projects in partnership with Teach for Armenia. Six teacher-leaders supported.


Improved knowledge and skills among 401 professionals, graduates, and private sector representatives in agriculture. Five Policy-relevant knowledge products completed within the framework of VET legislative reform.


Access to quality education at Shirakatsy Lyceum for two talented high school students from the remote bordering communities.


Improved knowledge and skills and employment opportunities among 31 injured war veterans through professional orientation, capacity building (including vocational training), and business plan development.


Improved knowledge and skills of emergency response and access to trauma care kit for 142 villagers in Syunik through specialized training.   


Social welfare


Over 331 children with special needs and disabilities benefitted from different small-grant initiatives of IF, enabling their access to assistive and adaptive furniture and devices; enhancing greater economic opportunities among autistic children and their social inclusion; improved quality of life among orphans residing in Marie Izmirlian Orphanage; etc.


Over 220 parents having children with disabilities benefited from training in the use of assistive and adaptive furniture and devices enabling childcare at home.


Community Development


Intracommunity roads were constructed/upgraded benefiting a total of 1200 persons in Vanand community.


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