Aznavour: Armenians, thank you for this immense pride

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Renowned singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour has addressed an open letter to the Armenian people, congratulating them with "securing a bloodless, peaceful transition to a new reality in the country without violation of our values”.

“My dear sisters and brothers in Armenia,

You have acted with dignity and humanity during the days of political unrest and found solutions for emerging issues so smoothly and quickly you made it look easy.

Your approach has astonished many governments and made them wonder. We, the Armenians in Diaspora, were immensely proud to show the world there is small country whose citizens have demonstrated rare wisdom and humanity, proving that violence cannot be the way to peace and mutual understanding. We have faced many hardships throughout our history. Now we write the page of joy, wisdom and love,” the famous singer wrote in the open letter published by Aznavour Foundation.

According to Charles Aznavour, the Armenians have managed to prove that they have a high level of integrity and unity is the priority for the country.

“The unification of our people is what will enable us to secure prosperity in Armenia and build benevolent attitudes between the citizens. You have proved it is possible to live united, with a strong sense of responsibility.

We the Armenians have been able to show that the words “people”, “homeland”, “flag”, “culture”, “religion” and “family” are actually our values and that all Armenians have equal rights and liberties in their country. I must be the most French of all Armenians in the world, but I am proud of my Armenia and I have never hidden that,” said Aznavour.

He has thanked the Armenian people “for demonstrating our humanity to the world”.

“Armenia is great for its values. Let us serve as an example for all who are different from us and perhaps, are not so open to change. Let us move forward in the same way. I am certain it is the best one for the future of our nation. I am grateful to each of you for giving me this immense sense of pride. Long live the Republic of Armenia!” concluded Aznavour.


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