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Jurgis Baltrusaitis commemorative room opens in Yerevan

Photo: http://nuaca.am

Photo: http://nuaca.am

Photo: http://nuaca.am

Yerevan /Mediamax/. A commemorative room dedicated to Lithuanian historian and art critic Jurgis Baltrusaitis has opened today at the Architecture Studion of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA).

It presents Baltrusaitis’s works on khachkars and architecture, as well as materials related to his life and professional activity.


The Lithuanian art critic made a notable contribution to preservation of Armenian culture. We can have an insight into certain Armenian khachkars, destroyed in Jugha, owing to the photographs he had made.


Lithuanian Ambassador Erikas Petrikas has stated he is happy that three projects dedicated to Baltrusaitis have been realized during the five years of his diplomatic mission to Armenia.


“In 2015, Madenadaran we presented the Armenian translation of the book “Jugha on the bank of Araks river and its monuments” by Jurgis Baltrusaitis with support from Mediamax and friends. Later we established a Jurgis Baltrusaitis award, the main sponsor of which is the Petros Aloyan Foundation.

The dream has come fully true on this day. The National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia opens the commemorative room of Jurgis Baltrusaitis. I believe that this is a unique day in the history of Armenia and Lithuania,” said the ambassador.


Odeta Zukauskiene, who studied the legacy of Baltrusaitis for many years, has delivered a lecture at the opening ceremony.


Erikas Petrikas has told Mediamax that NUACA rector invited Jurgis Baltrusaitis’s son to Armenia. According to the ambassador, he lives in France and has “many discoveries about Armenia”.


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