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Kommersant publishes sensational details of Turkey’s participation in the war

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian Kommersant daily published an article called “Forcing to conflict” which provides detailed information on Turkey's participation in the Karabakh war.


“Our military-diplomatic sources claim that the current serious aggravation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was deliberately planned and provoked by Turkey,” the article says.


As Kommersant has learned, following the Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercise in July-August, a significant Turkish group remained on the territory of Azerbaijan. It was intended to play a coordinating and directing role in planning and conducting the offensive operation in Nagorno-Karabakh.


“We are talking about 600 military, including a battalion tactical group of 200 people, 50 instructors in Nakhijevan, 90 military advisers in Baku (they provided a liaison during hostilities in the brigade-corps-General Staff chain), 120 air-technical personnel at the Gabala air base, 20 drone operators at the Dallar airfield, 50 instructors at the Yevlakh airfield, 50 instructors in the 4th Army Corps (Pirekeshkul) and 20 people at the naval base and at the Heydar Aliyev Military School in Baku,” Kommersant writes.


The group also included 34 units of aviation equipment (including 6 aircrafts, 8 helicopters, up to 20 drones), which provided military intelligence both in the Karabakh region and in Armenia.


Judging by the data provided to Kommersant, the number of flights of Turkish military transport aviation to Azerbaijan (mainly in transit through Georgia) sharply increased in September-October. People and ammunition were delivered on September 4 by C-130 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, on September 18 - by CN-235, on September 25 - by A400M.


“In addition to military advisers who arrived in advance, Commander of Turkish Land Forces Umit Dyundar and the Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar arrived in Azerbaijan in the middle of hostilities on September 28-30. Kommersant’s sources claim that they led the operation at the Karabakh front on the ground,” the newspaper writes.


The article also provides detailed information about Syrian militants transferred by Turkey and their location at the front.


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