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Hayk Aloyan: “Azerbaijan's and Turkey's interest is not surprising to me”

Hayk Aloyan
Hayk Aloyan

Photo: From Hayk Aloyan's personal archive


Geoteam CJSC has recently concluded Amulsar project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) disclosure and consultations process. The document of more than thousand pages is placed on the Company’s website.  Recently the minutes of consultations and Q&A session of the ESIA disclosure was also published on the same page.


Another interesting document that appeared on the page is the company responses to the questions of the representative of Turkey and Azerbaijan in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) board on Amulsar project. The questions are mostly of environmental character. We asked for comments from Geoteam General Manager Hayk Aloyan.


- Mr. Aloyan, what document is this and why are the representatives of Turkey and Azerbaijan interested in Amulsar project that is being implemented in Armenia?


- These questions have been forwarded to us form the EBRD London office. As a company adherent to international standards we feel obliged to answer to all questions addressed to us as part of the ESIA disclosure process. Our experts gave comprehensive answers to all the questions.


I can hardly recall any other case when the representative of Azerbaijan or Turkey had shown such an interest towards an investment project implemented in Armenia.


Considering the importance and economic significance of Amulsar project this consistent interest is not surprising to me. In any case, we have provided exhaustive replies to the questions at hand.


- It looks from the answers that you have chosen to give expert replies and skip any further comments or opinions.   


- The answers to those questions were reflected in our ESIA and it didn’t take our experts additional efforts to address them. The ESIA is combined of comprehensive research works carried out by renowned experts and gives exhaustive information on all aspects of Amulsar project. The answers are the same, regardless of who asks the questions. To wrap it up: Amulsar will be a world-class modern mine and all environmental risks will be managed through best available technological solutions.


- As the news of Amulsar project financing and start of construction emerged, there is a visible new wave of activities on behalf of activists in Armenia as well. Why do you think they are still concerned, given that you have provided answers to questions consistently?


- When we discovered Amulsar project 11 years ago we were not expecting it to become such an important political and economic project for Armenia. Politics is not our job. Our job is to build a world-class modern mine and there all the prerequisites for it. Dozens of NGOs, environmental experts already see that we implement the highest international standards, and they trust us. I do not exclude that there may still be genuinely concerned individuals and organisations and we are ready to answer those concerns. However, I cannot exclude the possibility that unfounded claims around Amulsar project that continue to be disseminated serve other purposes and agendas.


Amulsar is one of very few projects in the stagnating mining and metals market that received financing and attracted international reputable investors. Our neighbours have oil, we have precious metals. For the success of the country it is essential to present Armenia as a favourable destination for international investors. Amulsar is an important step on that path. I would expect that at least the statements that come from inside Armenia were based on facts and considered the interests of Armenia. Otherwise, there is a risk of being co-opted into agendas of others.   


Our aim is clear. We want to build an environmentally well-managed mining project that will no doubt serve the country’s development and economic prosperity. I want to believe that the economic empowerment of our country is a top priority for everybody in Armenia. 


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