Arpine Alaverdyan. Letter to Aurora Prize Hero

Dear Dr. Catina,

Perhaps this letter would not ever been written, if yesterday my chief wouldn’t come into the room and tell: Why won’t you write a letter to Aurora hero? Maybe you will win the money?

…Oh God, why this man thinks about money all the time…  came to my mind, but for a while I realized, that he won’t ever say that, if he did not BELIVE in my ability to write or say something IMPORTANT, something that MATTERS, something that can make a CHANGE! The most part of barriers that we usually see on our way, are created by our own prejudices and inner resistance, fear of change, fear of unknown! The day was a good one, with good MOOD, as in the morning my beautiful colleague Gohar met me in front of office door with snowballs in her hands and telling me: “Put your armor on girl and take some snow…I’m here to meet you”:)!!!

We played and enjoyed our TIME, laughing with all our hearts… Being able to APPRECIATE the benefits of the exact MOMENT that is the only thing that we really OWN!

Second JOY of the day was the super nice salad colored chair cushions that chief brought for us, and their looked too cute on our grey colored chairs…

The MUSIC of the day was Eminem’s “Phenomenal”!

The BOOK of the day was “Magic of the brain and labyrinths of the life” by neuroscientist and psychologist   Natalia Bekhtereva! ... I was in the middle of the chapter called “Per aspera ad astra”… Can you feel how the MAGIC starts?...  

The ARTICLE that impressed me that day was about an ARTIST Robert Kamoyan, a devoted painter that stayed of his own standards all his life, choosing PEACE and SOLITUDE, giving all his time to his PASSION: painting…!!! 

Well yes, our brains are always busy with the daily routine, and turning my attention to your story again after the days of ceremony on April last year, was not planned for me … 

Anyway, I searched the web, found out that yes, the prize for the competition is monetary and second the jury will be chaired by writer Narine Abgaryan, a talented woman that desperately spent years trying her skills in accountancy, until one day she opened a blog and started writing interesting stories, then it worked… and a publisher noticed her… the SUCCESS smiled to her…  Why am I talking about this? …Yes … I’m an accountant too :) And the illusion of me standing next to her, wearing a black dress with flower print in exact color of that salad chair cushions, brought a smile to my woman brain!

I watched the NFF Gold Medal Tribute and presentation of 2014 year…Well dear Doctor, to say the truth, you look much better in your medical gown than in that black suit :) … Who am I to judge you? … I would like to see you gained a little bit weight… It is painful to see you so much suffered … What I have to tell you? You don’t need encouragement and advices as the artist of that article who closed his eyes and ears and went his way all his lifetime journey, the journey of his ART…You are PHENOMENAL, and it makes you ‘monster’ though, as you speak about amputation with a SMILE on your face :)

Your HEROISM is the exact example of the famous phrase: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA…!!!

I hope you managed to get a SMILE from this letter,

Thank you, and  God bless you dear Dr. Catina !!!


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