Letter to “post-truth” warriors

Letter to “post-truth” warriors

It seems that we who live in permanent stable instability should value every day, which can become our last because of geopolitical and regional escalations, endlessly accelerating rhythm of life, and many other major and minor reasons.

But no, you prefer to live in an eternal, meaningless flash mob.

Create gigabytes of “content” every second, which is supposed to “immortalize” what you call your life.

Waste time on creating #anotherfoolishhashtag and feel pride for it.

You miss no opportunity to rip each other’s throat in your virtual battles, and you lower the bottom of the abyss with so much enthusiasm that soon you will reach the Earth crust.

In the meantime, children grow up and parents grow old, but these priceless, fleeting moments roll right past you, because you are not you anymore, but your “profile”. And artificial intelligence hasn’t reached the level where profiles have feelings and senses.

What do I do to protect myself from you? Technically speaking I press the “hide” button more and more often.

I reserve the right to say there are cases when I am not interested in your opinion. By the way, the number of these cases grows in proportion to the number of times I press “hide”.

I try not to accept that the term “post-truth” gets a legitimate place in my life.

I read, reread, and recommend you to read this extract from the letter that Ivan Yefremov wrote to his American friend in 1969:

“Collapse of empires, states and other political organizations comes through loss of morality. Studying reasons of almost all cataclysms, we can say that destruction is of the nature of self-destruction.”

Ara Tadevosyan is the Director of Mediamax.


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