ARMNOC-25. Armenia’s increased role and upcoming Olympic Games -


ARMNOC-25. Armenia’s increased role and upcoming Olympic Games


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The EOC’s, NOC’s presidents will arrive in Armenia today. They will attend the 25th anniversary celebrations of the National Olympic Committee until September 30.

In the final part of ARMNOC’s series of articlesMediamax Sport will talk about current work in Olympic Committee, our ongoing efforts, challenges, achievements and, of course, the future. We talked to Hrachya Rostomyan - Secretary General of Armenia's National Olympic Committee.

Mass sport and 25 thousand participants

25-year-old ARMNOC has been working in a number of directions -high achievements, popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle as well as propagation of Olympic values.


To make sport popular, ARMNOC holds 16-17 events a year, and as the Secretary General Hrachya Rostomyan says, they all give their results.

In 2014, about 25 thousand people took part in the mass events.

"It is very important that our nation is healthy. It is interesting that after such events sport schools inform us that the flow of children increased", said Rostomyan.

ARMNOC’s role in the International Olympic movement is great

According to Rostomyan, ARMNOC’s role in the international Olympic movement has grown a lot.

"ARMNOC’s role in the international Olympic movement is inversely proportional to our country’s size. ARMNOC’s president’s decisions and personnel's activities contributed to that, "said Rostomyan.

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He noted that our role had increased in the International Olympic Committee after European games in Baku. "Going to Baku was a very important and fair decision of a strong country and NOC. Everything went well, and thus our country's reputation has grown immensely”.

Own sport base in Yerevan, Gyumri and Sisian

"In 2013, we camp up with an idea that we need to have a sports village; and we agreed upon “Olympavan " in Yerevan. Our athletes would start preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games ", ARMNOC Secretary General said.

Such bases are being built in Gyumri and Sisian. After finishing the bases there would be no problem with the sport halls for at least 10 years.

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Ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio and Tokyo

However, the National Olympic Committee has problems which are being gradually resolved. Hrachya Rostomyan said that the work is being carried out to eliminate shortcomings of trainings  and to better cooperate with the federations.

"I do not think about this stage: my concerns are associated with the 2020 Olympics," he explained.

The National Olympic Committee’s greatest aim for now is to ensure the participation of top-class Armenian athletes in the Olympics of Rio de Janeiro next year.

"70-80 % of our work is targeted to Rio, but we do not think only about it. A great amount of work will be performed for Tokyo Olympics in 2020 starting from today. Olympic Committee can not think only about the upcoming event, we should start getting ready for the next Olympic Games 2-3 cycles before", concluded Hrachya Rostomyan.

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