Viktoria Baghdasaryan. Letter to Marguerite Barankitse

Dear Marguerite Barankitse,

I have always been asking myself the question “whether people are born heroes or become one.”

I still haven’t got to an answer, but one thing I realize for sure is that the inspiration coming from a hero like you makes me want to be one.

How can you be so strong? How huge is your soul to be able to survive all of those disasters, to carry all that pain and memories, and fight not only for yourself, but also for others? It is enough to simply look at you and there is an enormous amount of positive energy transferring from you.

I can imagine that people always send you gratitude letters and write how thankful they are for all your deeds. Thank you for being such a savior of a world, where humanity hardly exists. But surprisingly, the main reason I am writing you is because I want to get an answer to one question- “HOW?”

How do you do it? How did all those processes start inside you? How and when did you decide to dedicate your life to helping others? Is it an instant moment? Or is it the life events that shaped the hero you are now?

One thing I have understood for sure is that no matter how much I care and how much my heart aches for all the disasters happening around the world, I still feel like cannot help anyone, I have no power, no possibilities, nothing to help with. Or maybe we all can do something, but the egoism and fear inside does not let us do so?

Then I started thinking maybe it is the love you always talk about. Do we feel so powerless because we understand the concept of love differently, because our understanding of love is so narrow and limited? Is it the love you have for life and for the whole world that gives you so much courage and strength to fight for freedom and peace?

You know, sometimes I come to a conclusion that nothing in this world can be changed anymore, that things already went too far and we missed all the chances. But then I realize that we are all just scared of taking responsibilities. Giving up is the easiest thing and if we all do so, we voluntarily throw ourselves down the hill of the destruction. I always tell myself: “Miserable are those, who give up.” I know I can make even a very little change. It does not have to happen now. But I will do it at some point of my life.

It is so hard to live in nowadays world. I always keep your words in my head “Love transcends all obstacles.” I love the life I am living. I love the people I know and the ones I don’t. I love the surrounding nature and animals. I even love the cup of tea I drink every morning. I love and appreciate all the little things. Maybe that’s how it works.

I believe in love. I believe nothing is lost yet. I believe I’ll wake up one day and the world will be in peace and harmony. I believe we should change our mindsets, values and approaches to save the world from havoc.

The last thing I want to say is that we met a long time ago, when you visited my school in Armenia. You hugged me, that’s how you greeted everyone. I carry the energy and love you gave me with that hug. Thanks for the love you share with the world.

Viktoria Baghdasaryan


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