Lala Evanisyan. Letter to Aurora Prize Hero

Honorable heroine,

God created each of us by putting a piece of Him into our soul and body, yet, I am assured, he put greater fragments of him into you anon. In this cruel and malicious world kindheartedness, love, hope and belief are worthy to destroy those chains of slavery by which thousands of people are tied, whom the world has forgotten about, but you haven't gone closemouthed. The power, courage and stamina of your spirit are undefeatable, so as your endeavor is sacred, and only God knows how many miserable children and ''children-adults'' deprived from their childhood have uttered your name to the skies and have cried for their fate, prayed for the collapse of their chains of servitude and the realization of their sacramental dream, for the strength of their heroine… How many times have people blessed the aptitude in your fragile body which is impregnable against the evil... How many times have the previous slaves found in your eyes their lost Deity and heard his almighty and pure parlance from your lips. Holy Spirit created you with his vital light which converts all the murky corners in the darkness. Blessed are you, honorable Syeda and celestial is your mission in this life. Besides saving and relieving people from serfdom, you also stand as a steadfast tree against abyss filled with axes and saws which try to cut and overthrow you. Yet, you build a bridge of hope and salvation between you and those slaves, who believe in the unbeatable power of your love and kindness, between you and those slave owners whose mind is blinded with fury and darkness and who you enlighten with the pain and belief of your serene eyes. You also build a bridge of inspiration and appeal between you and me, which leads me according to the way, where my freedom is serving in the struggle for gaining an unfree man's freedom. I join in this consecrated movement with your spirit and glorify all those people who have pieces of you in themselves.

Power and vigor to you, unfaltering tree.

Yours sicerely,
Lala Evanisyan.


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