Srbuhi Aghababyan. Letter to Aurora Prize Hero

-… they were sending jets to kill children and their mothers

- In 21th century? Come on, Grandma, don’t give me that. How could they have jets if they were so regressive to kill people…Who would give jets to them?

- There used to be very different levels of….everything. Some countries were developed and civilized and the others were not.

- Those who had jets must be the developed and civilized ones. Then why would they kill people? Or the killer-regressives got the weapons from…from the developed and civilized…?
- I can’t…I don’t know, - grunted Grandma and flew out of the room.

Dear Aurora Prize Heros,

Didn’t even count how many times I watched your videos that brought tears to my eyes.It’s a crying shame that I don’t contribute to the great work you do.

I admire you, who doesn’t? I believe to get caught by your virus of love, generosity and bravery. Can’t find words that might be desirable for your ears or a material thing that anyone might offer you as an appreciation. That’s because you are infinitely rich with something unknown to usual human beings, I guess.

We, the usual ones, claim to be CIVILIZED but there is still SLAVERY in the world. Proud to achieve PEACE but WARS and GENOCIDES became usual notifications of our lives’ “news feed”. Thank you for inspiring many people to make an exception in this jumble and be future soldiers of love and peace.

Many thanks to Aurora Humanitarian Initiative for creating the chance to be informed.

May God bless You.


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