It’s in Russia's interests… -

It’s in Russia's interests…

It’s in Russia's interests…

It’s currently in Russian authorities’ interests:

1. to ensure maximum transparent and fair examination and open court trial of the circumstances of the Armenian family’s murder. Any attempt to hand over the case to the military tribune of Russian Federation will be strongly counteracted by the Armenian people.

2. to take effective steps to prove they share the Armenian people’s sorrow and really criticize the murderer. Maybe, it will help rescue the relations with Armenia, Russia’s last friendly state;

3. to speak to the public in a human language, not that of official statements: the Russian Ambassador could and ought to make a speech on TV and dispel people’s doubts preventing the anti-Russian moods;

4. to stop treating Armenia and Armenians as subordinates or vassals: it’s the Russian officials’ short-sighted and sometimes just hasty actions that create anti-Russian moods even in the places where people had special warm attitude to Russians.

5. not to pretend nothing happened and not to conceal the incident from their people: the Russian people is much smarter than the authorities and will find words of empathy and compassion to share the pain.

It’s  currently in the Armenian authorities’ interests:

- not to hinder the people’s protest and fair demands: if you don’t have the courage to demand something from their Russian counterparts, step aside and not to impede the ones who can do it. And moreover, don’t try to find justifications for the criminal and an explanation to his actions.

Davit Alaverdyan is the Chief Editor of Mediamax.


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