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The terms and conditions of donation

I agree to make a money transfer to Mediamax Media Company (Mediamax) as a donation.

With this notice, I give my permission to Mediamax to process my personal data in any way that is compliant with the existing laws.

You can contact us at any moment and ask us to change or delete your personal data, cease the processing of the data, or provide any information about the processing. If you want to complain about the processing of your personal data or your request by Mediamax, you have the right to send a letter of complaint to

Part of the completed donation can be returned if the donor indicated an incorrect amount in the Other field on the “Donation” page. In all other cases, after the donor has indicated an amount and made the donation, it will not be returned.


Apart from the reason of the return, the written refund request should contain the following information:

- The date of the donation, 

- The sum of the donation, 

- The amount requested for return, 

- The donation ID, 

- The number of the receipt, 

- The credit card number (only the last four figures) if the donation was made with a credit card.