“The Gambler”: Kirk Kerkorian’s biography released in US

Yerevan /Mediamax/. The biography of Armenian-American entrepreneur Kirk Kerkorian - "The Gambler” has been released on January 24.

The book was written by a veteran Los Angeles Times investigative reporter, William C. Rempel.

He talked with the friends and family of the late entrepreneur and used materials from archives and new publications for the book.

William Rempel told in the interview to The New York Times that he knew very little about Kirk Kerkorian when his editor suggested he should write a book about the man.

While studying the life of Kerkorian, Rempel was surprised to uncover his heroics in World War II as a fighter pilot, when he pioneered the polar route.

The Armenian Embassy in the US will host the book presentation and a Q&A session with William Rempel on January 29.

It is worth noticing you can order “The Gambler” on Amazon.

Kirk Kerkorian passed away on 15 January 2015, at the age of 98.

His father, Ahron Kerkorian, immigrated to Fresno, California from Kharberd.

Kirk Kerkorian realized plenty of charitable programs in Armenia and for Armenians. In 2004 he was awarded the title of the National Hero of Armenia for the exceptional services to motherland.

After the terrible earthquake in the town of Spitak in 1998 and during the economic blockade of Armenia, Kirk Kerkorian provided substantial help both to Armenia and Artsakh.

Since 2001, his Luys Foundation has donated around USD 151 million to Armenia for road repair, restoration of cultural institutions, housing programs in the earthquake-struck area, and various other projects.


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