Pashinyan says mutual distrust hinders conclusion of a peace treaty -


Pashinyan says mutual distrust hinders conclusion of a peace treaty

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated today that “our political will to conclude a peace treaty with Azerbaijan in the coming months is unwavering, but Armenia cannot sign it alone.”

He noted that three key principles of the peace treaty have been agreed upon with Azerbaijan.


“If the key principles are agreed upon, what is the problem, why don’t we sign the peace treaty? By and large, the reason is distrust between the parties. Perhaps the parties see in each other’s statements and actions the intention to abandon the agreements and plan aggressive actions, which negatively affects the work on the text of the peace treaty,” Nikol Pashinyan said in the parliament.


According to him, several key issues will have to be clarified in the near future:


“One of them is formation of a mechanism to overcome possible ambiguities regarding the content of the peace treaty, and the other is to create security guarantees so that escalation becomes impossible after the signing of the peace agreement.”




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