RPA faction: We haven’t promised anything to Nikol Pashinyan

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. RPA faction has come up with a statement today.

The statement is presented below:

“Amendments and Additions to the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly in the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Armenia, adopted on October 2 of 2018, pursue only one goal, which is providing unimpeded operation of the Armenian National Assembly (NA), when artificially created obstacles hinder to do so.

The regulations are tailored in accordance with the Armenian Constitution and are aimed at providing the decent conduct of all NA sessions, including PM election.

Touching upon the meeting with Armenian PM yesterday, it became clear that:

-PM’s decision on holding snap parliamentary elections in December was based on his own decision and not on relevant draft law.

-Although PM Pashinyan claimed that he entered the NA building to negotiate with parliamentary forces, he entered to give an ultimatum by simply informing us about the decision, he has already made earlier, without leaving a chance for dialogue.

Taking into consideration the mentioned conditions, RPA faction hasn’t made any promises to PM.
PRA faction is still convinced that the government’s program and PM’s previous statements should be implemented by improving Electoral Code and giving the political forces an adequate deadline to prepare themselves for the parliamentary elections, which implies organizing the snap elections on May-June of 2019.

In addition, we attach importance to compliance with the Armenian Constitution and unimpeded operation of NA, as well as separation and balance of authorities. We find any pressure on Armenian National Assembly unacceptable.”


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